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Names and Information You Should Know: 

Candidates and Their Platforms

Railroad Commissioner

Christi Craddock (R) (Incumbent)

  • Maximize the effectivity and efficiency of the energy industry

  • Educate the public on the oil and gas industry and impacts on Texas

  • Against Washington’s one-size-fits-all environmental policies

  • Advocates for oil field recycling

  • https://www.christicraddick.com/

Roman McAllen (D)

  • Rename the industry to increase clarity

  • Preventing water pollution 

  • Increase access to Railroad Commission data

  • Reform requirements for Railroad Commissioner

  • https://www.mcallenfortexas.com/

For information on Brazos County elections, click here.

Commissioner of Agriculture

Sid Miller (R) (Incumbent) 

  • “Healthy Kids, Not Healthy Trashcans” Initiative

  • Protect Texas Consumers and enforce consumer protection laws

  • Pro-Second Amendment and Pro-life

  • Fiscal Conservative 

  • http://www.millerfortexas.com/

Kim Olson (D)

  • Tackle childhood obesity

  • Preserving farmland and Regenerative agriculture

  • Bring reliable internet to rural areas

  • increase organic food production and migrant labor force

  • https://votekimolson.org/

Texas Comptroller

Glen Hegar (R) (Incumbent)

  • Tax Reform and deregulate small business

  • Increase government accountability via transparency

  • Protect religious liberty and traditional family values

  • Pro-life and Pro-Second Amendment

  • https://glennhegar.com/

Joi Chevalier (D)

  • Close tax loopholes and diversify state revenue sources

  • Ease pressure on residential property owners

  • Increase education spending

  • Create innovation opportunities in local infrastructure

  • Clarify and legitimize the use of Rainy Day and other existing funds

  • https://www.joifortexas.com/

Lt. Governor

Dan Patrick (R) (Incumbent)

  • Secure the border and improve safety of law enforcement

  • Tax relief for property and business owners

  • repairing Texas infrastructure

  • pro-school choice and improving school retention rates

  • Pro-second amendment and Pro-life

  • https://www.danpatrick.org/

Mike Collier (D)

  • Close property tax loopholes and reduce property taxes

  • Close the income inequality gap and increase the minimum wage

  • Promote access to health care and increase funding to women’s health programs

  • Hire Texans first and create a comprehensive immigration reform

  • Pro-Second Amendment and gun safety

  • https://www.collierfortexas.com/

U.S. Senator

Ted Cruz (R) (Incumbent)

  • Pro-Second Amendment and Pro-Life

  • Against the limitation of free speech

  • Advocate for religious freedom and the right to express it

  • Lower taxes and decrease regulations on businesses

  • Eliminate illegal immigration

  • Supports Isreal

  • https://www.tedcruz.org/

Beto O’Rourke (D)

  • Protect social security, increase access to

  • healthcare and expand Medicaid

  • Pro-choice

  • Promote gun safety by closing the gun show, online, and boyfriend loopholes

  • Increase public funding to low-income area

  • Reform immigration laws to legalize current immigrants in Texas and pass the DREAM Act

  • Legalize Marijuana at the federal level https://betofortexas.com/


Greg Abbott (R) (Incumbent)

  • Secure the border and build infrastructure

  • Increase government transparency and restore the constitution

  • Tax reform policy

  • Focus on creating more jobs

  • Calling for a small-scale constitutional convention to restore the balance of power between the states and the federal government

  • Pro-Second Amendment https://www.gregabbott.com/

Lupe Valdez (D)

  • Lessen the income inequality gap

  • Decrease funding for border security and use it for asylum reform

  • Expand healthcare and Medicaid

  • Increase gun regulations

  • Increase education funding and advocates for universal preschool 

  • https://www.lupevaldez.com/

Attorney General

Ken Paxton (R) (Incumbent)

  • Supports voter ID requirements

  • Fight and prosecute perpetrators of human tracking and sexual assault

  •   https://kenpaxton.com/

Justin Nelson (D)

Public Lands Commissioner

George P. Bush (R) (Incumbent)

Miguel Suazo (D)