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Names and Faces Voters Should Know in Brazos County

Joe Guerra Jr.

City Council Place 4

  • Opposed to proposed council term length increase (Prop 1)

  • Neighborhood advocacy

  • Fiscal responsibility

  • Increase tax increment financing districts & tax reinvestment zones

  • Plans should be vetted by neighborhoods

  • “Time to take a break” on property tax increases

  • https://www.jguerra4council.com/


For information on the city propositions on the ballot, please see the attached blog post.


Elianor Vessali

City Council Place 4

  • Believes council term length increase is worth consideration (Prop 1)

  • Economically sound budgeting

  • Improve transportation infrastructure to meet growth needs 

  • Protect resident private property rights

  • Preserve character of neighborhoods and districts

  • Ensure Police and Fire departments are fully staffed

  • Work toward responsible economic growth and job creation

  • https://votevessali.com/








Elizabeth Cunha 

City Council Place 6 

  • Opposes proposed council term length increase (Prop 1)

  • Protect rural areas and natural environment

  • Protect Neighborhood Integrity

  • Bolster sales and property tax base

  • Diversify the Economy

  • Diversify parks, greenways, and arts

  • Well-connected multi-modal transportation system

  • https://www.cunhaforcitycouncil.com/

Craig Hall 

City Council Place 6 

  • Protect neighborhood integrity

  • Minimize impact of growth on infrastructure and city services

  • comprehensive pay and benefits plan for Public Safety individuals

  • Support parks department at bringing in high-profile events

  • Further develop park locations in neighborhoods

  • Seek citizen input

  • https://voteforcraighall.com/ 

Dennis Maloney 

City Council Place 6


Bill Flores (R) (Incumbent)

District 17 US Congress

John Raney (R) (Incumbent) 

Texas House of Representatives District 14

Charles Schwertner (R) (Incumbent)
Texas Senate District 5 


Rick Kennedy (D)

District 17 US Congress

Josh Wilkinson (D)

Texas House of Representatives 

District 14

Meg Walsh (D)

Texas Senate District 5